When it comes to Move a Mobile Home for Free, there’s so much that needs to be considered. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for help. Here we will give you a proper guide on every aspect of moving a mobile home, as well as advice and inspiration to allow you to move your mobile home without stress and hassle.

Move a Mobile Home for Free

These are 4 easy steps

  1. Look up mobile home parks and organizations that are giving free move-in deals.
  2. Look for a reliable mobile home relocation agency. You have to pay for this step. You can find good reasonable movers by asking around and from internet.
  3. Find out what the local laws are about your mobile home.
  4. Learn about the local permits required for your move. You might have to pay for the permit

Is It Possible To Move A Mobile Home For Free?

No it is not 100% free. Sometimes you will come across a house that is on the market or someone that is looking to sell their house and they will make amazing claims of how they want to move their mobile home for free, or they just want to be out of the house but don’t want it hauled away, maybe they have a friend who wants to take it.

These are all great stories, but then reality hits them harder than a ton of bricks. The average price for moving a mobile home can be between $4000 – $5000 and many times a mobile home being moved will not be accepted by any other boroughs or townships in area. The worst part of this is the seller will come back with an attitude like “Well I didn’t think this was going to cost so much.”

How To Find Free Move-In Mobile Home Deals Near You

It is not an easy task. But if you seat enough you can do it by yourselves. 

  1. You can search mobile home communities in your area for good deals.
  2. Or you can ask mobile home owners for some directions
  3. You can always negotiate with mobile home community owners

Additional Costs To Move Your Mobile Home

A mobile home may appear to be easy to move, but depending on where exactly you want to relocate it, that may not be the case. Prior to moving into the mobile home, you will also need to obtain a permit, which will cost you roughly $3 each part of the mobile home.

Therefore, the permit will cost $3 if you are moving a single wide home, for example. The cost of a double-wide is $6. However, these costs vary depending on where you live. Also you have to pay all the taxes due.

Can You Negotiate A Discount With Movers?

Depending on the moving firm you choose and the distance you go, the average cost of relocating a mobile home can range from $1,000 to as much as $6,000. The majority of people are unaware that you can haggle with movers over the cost of your move.

Most of the time, skillful haggling can help you get the price reduced by a few hundred dollars. Asking them to provide a free service for the same amount may be a better option if you are unable to do that. 

People also asked

How much does it cost to move a mobile home near me?

Moving a mobile home less than 100 miles typically costs between $2,000 and $5,000, while it can occasionally cost as little as $1,000. Expect to pay $6 to $15 per mile, or up to $15,000 in transportation fees, if you’re relocating a mobile home more than 100 miles.

Can you move a double-wide in one piece?

You probably won’t be able to transport your house in one piece if it is greater than one part. A double or triple section home is often too large to be carried without first dividing it into sections.

Do you need a permit to move a mobile home in Texas?

Each half of a double-wide modular home that is pulled by its own set of axles needs a permit. A house move permit is necessary in order to transfer the double-wide manufactured home as one unit on a set of house moving dollies.