GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK 8.20 Download GBWA Latest Beta (Official) 2020

We’re going to focus on one of the most famous WhatsApp apk that has over 1 million active. We’ll understand how to download and install the GBWhatsAPP apk.

Thanks to its overwhelming response, GBWhatsApp APK has implement frequent updates. As a result, you can see frequent updates on this WhatsApp mod improvising performance and features.

The official WhatsApp is a messaging network with many functions like sending  messages, images, videos, documents and voice. But Yet GBWhatsApp have improved upon every one above and contains more features and customizations that will help you.

You will find other apps like Fouad WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, if you’re interested in trying out the famous WhatsApp modifications.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp APK is one of the most common WhatsApp mods offering amazing features. With each and every update, it adds exciting and distinctive features.

Every month its current users await the newest update of the GBWhatsApp APK to enjoy the new features. That makes it user-friendly. Also users can customize the whole look and feel as they like.

What are GBWhatsApp’s features?

GBWhatsApp has new features to the app and continues updates because GBWhatspp features matter most. So we listed some of the top features of GBWhatsApp below.

Airplane Mode : In GBWhatsApp you can completely disable internet connection only to WhatsApp while keeping other services alive. This can help to avoid interruptions during working houres.

Privacy Benefit : At GB WhatsApp have mastered good privacy. You can Hide Online Status and who cans see you area online, Hide Blue Ticks, Hide Second Tick, Hide Recording, Hide Blue Microphone, Hide View Status are few of those.

Anti-Revocation : it is feature that allows you to view messages that is deleted by sender. There is no place to keep any secrets.

Improved Performace : GBWhatsApp has expanded its functionality in all apps. GBWhatsApp, for example, you can send up to 90 images at once while original WhatsApp allow  few, send up to 100 MB of video file, etc. Also media Sharing We do not like the way the initial WhatsApp compresses the file and lowers the quality to save room. you can pass images without any compromise for their original content.

Scheduler : With this you can schedule as many messages as you want. Your message will be sent to other users automatically on time.

Auto-Reply : With GBWhatsApp, you can setup autoreply messages when you are not availabel. You can send a message to any contact and reply. This is neat option for those who run their business in whatsapp.

Support Themes : If you’re into customization, you’d love this app because it supports custom themes.

Lock App : This GBWhatsApp can be locked without the help of third party applications. This app has built-in support to lock applications.

Always online : Would you like to prank friends? You can show your online status at any time. So, your friends are going to think all day what you’re doing online? While you have other works to do.

See friends online : You can also see friends online on GBWhatsApp, have a look at our tutorial about this.

Ban-Proof : this app comes with codes for Anti-Ban, so banning form whatsapp is one less thing to worry about.

Video Player : you can use third-party video players like MX Player Pro within this app

Disable voice calls: in this you have facility to disable voice callas of individual contact if you co not like receiving calls from them.

Individual chat lock: you can lock any particular. This is available in chat screen app.

Team Broadcasting: You will send messages to multiple groups sometime.

How set up Auto-Reply ?

You can send a message to any contact and reply. To do this, all you need in the Auto-Reply Field is to set the desired message text, and you’re done. go to Menu > GB Settings > Auto-Reply

How to change GB WhatsApp  Themes?

You can easily, go to Menu > GB Settings > Appearance > Media Sharing Additional GBWhatsApp Features While we’ve covered most of these features.

How to Download GBWhatsApp APK to Android?

Most of these apps are designed solely for Android devices. No news is about when the iOS version will be released, but there are no signs yet. The GBMods Official Team and or Atnfas Hoaks usually alert the community when a major update is about to be released.

Installing GBWhatsApp is easy, you can easily install it on your computer, but you need to make some settings, such as taking backup is necessary.

1. Follow the steps below to back up your conversation before uninstalling WhatsApp.

Tap on the menu and open your WhatsApp > Click the Settings button > Tap chats

Tap on the Backup button to complete the new backup. It will take some time.

2. You need to enable unknown sources for installation because this app is not available in the Google Play Store. Follow the steps below.

Click the Settings button >  To allow unknown sources, click the button.

3. Tap on the APK file on the Download Manager or File Manager.

4. Tap on install.

5. Wait for the installation of a few seconds.

5. Wait ahead of the scan.

6. To continue, click the Open button.

7. Now you’re getting a new screen, press the Agree and Continue button.

8. Enter your phone number and click “Copy data from WhatsApp.”

9. If you receive the following screen, press the Restore button.

10. That’s right. Go to the menu section and see the GB Settings where all the options are open.

Q: What’s the difference between WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp?

Ans: GBWhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp version with some additional features.

Q: Can we merge the GBWhatsApp software and the WhatsApp app?

Answer: No, you can’t use them simultaneously.

Q: Can we use the IOS app with GBWhatsApp?

Ans: Yes, both GbWhatsApp and WhatsApp used different numbers on the same phone.

Q: Is GBWhatsApp safe to use?

Ans: No, this app prevents you from using WhatsApp, don’t use it with your permanent number.

Q: Can all the chat data be moved to GBWhatsapp?

Ans: Yes,