Cyberflix tv apk 3.2.3 is an android app to watch latest movies and tv shows online on android device. You just need your Android smartphone to watch Cyberflix TV’s wide range of movies and television shows.

If we consider Terrarium, Cyberflix can consider as it successor. After Terratium now comes new and better Cyberflix tv.

People always goes for the better products and Cyberflix is a example of that, which proves its increasing audience number.

How Cyberflix looks inside

It’s not always the quality which attract the people to tv channels, it’s also quantity. Cyberflix fulfill that quality by having a big library of movies and tv shows for our entertainment.

There are comedy to laugh, dram to cry, thriller to be trilled, horror to be afraid, fantasy to be amazed, bibliography to be inspired, documentaries to learn and many more to entertain.

Cyberflix TV APK is a good way of finding any movies and shows, new and old, of any language and genres, that topped the list of video streaming apps.

It is secure, easy to use it and entertains you non-stop. And keep in mind it always safe to use VPN with Cyberflix.

Thereare rumors that Cyberflix is just a hoax or a non-working garbage. That is not true.

You can see it for your self. It will take only few minutes to download, intall and play. Do not trust others opinion on Cyberflix.

Just try it yourself. If its not work for some reasons, there are always a explanation and solution. Most importantly this app is 100% safe.

So, we all know this app’s free to use. Let’s get some information about the functionality of this app now, and read more more about this awesome Cyberflix TV apk.


App NameCyberflix TV App
Version3.2.3 (can be change)
Apk Size17.50 MB
Android Version Requires5.o and up
UpdatedJanuary 5, 2020


  • They have huge collections of movies and tv shows in different qualities (HD, 1080p, 720p)
  • Subtitles in different languages which allow many people to enjoy
  • This app not only free it allow users to access to its contents with out registration. Most importantly it is add free.Isn’t that cool?
  • It is so much easy to download any movie or tv series in one tap and watch it offline
  • Cyberflix is Real Debird. Real Debird is a paid service that provides premium sources to watch movies and TV series in HD quality (Sometimes 4K).
  • You can also keep track of the tv shows you watch. And you can also make playlist your own as you like.
  • Provide simple user interface and it could not be simpler
  • Cyberflix TV APK also has a in built media player which support all the video formats (VLZ player, MX player, Exo player, Cyber play).
  • the variety of contents lies in the genre, but also on languages (Spanish, Arabic, Chines, Hindi and many more). Which allows user to use different languages.
  • You can avoid CAM copies using HD Links. With this app have option filetr CAM version links and getting high quality hd links.
  • Notification: It provides notification when new movies or TV series added.
  • You also easiliy change the language.
  • Cyberflix TV has a television guide to finding out about the forthcoming TV shows.
  • Cyberflix APK is identical to the subscription content apps. When you’ve previously used the Terrarium Tv app on all of the computers, because of the identical user interface across various platforms, Cyberflix will look similar to Terrarium TV. This Version is basically the cloned version of Terrarium TV subscription software version.

Here, we have given a method to download Cyberflix TV on your Android devices.


Cyberflix TV apk Download

First of all we need to say that Cyberflix TV apk is available to download for free. It is easy to download on any android device running on android 4.0 or higher.

This app is available on plenty of websites but we don’t really suggest installing it from another websites.

We’ll supply your Android Phone with the most stable Cyberflix TV APK. The download link for Cyberflix TV APK is given below.

Since Cyberflix APK is not accessible on google play store, the APK file is given.

Do some modification before installation

Go to Android Settings and then to Security and ‘Turn On’ an option to install ‘Apps from Unknown Source’. For different mobile models the term can be different.

The android device’s default state does not allow the installation of APK files from third party sources. S  you have to enable unknown sources in the settings.

Keep in mind that when downloading the Cyberflix TV app, Android 9.0 or higher smartphones will ask for approval.

Get Cyberflix TV APK

After doing that, download Cyberflix TV APK from above link. If you already have that downloded, move on to the next step.

 Installing the APK file

Check download folder for use APK file. Tap the on thr apk file and press Install. it  takes a few of seconds. Now open the app and issue all of the permissions it needs.

Now you can watch all of the movies and tv shows without any advertising that are really awesome functionality.


Finally it is obvious Cyberflix TV is one of the most amazing movies and TV content streaming app exsists today, you can download it in many places and enjoy to the fullest.

To enjoy Cyberflix TV to the fullest you can follow these instructions

  • If available use google drive links
  • To appreciate what you see filter out CAM quality.
  • Always try to use HD quality once.
  • It is always better to use VPN connections
  • MX player gives you good quality movie experience, so try to use MX player
  • If in built subtitles did not work you can always use external subtitles
  • Integrate trakt. tv
  • To change your language go to the setting.

So, we think now you can download your copy of Cyberflix TV apk to Android mobile and get lot in your pocket.

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